2017 Gear List

August 27, 2017


Its that magic time of year again when the temperatures are starting to drop and the leaves are showing their first signs of changing colors. Most of us are starting to slowly prepare our gear for the season ahead. With that, here is what I'm using this upcoming season:


Clothing - First Lite: Known for their great base layers and merino wool, First Lite has branched out with a number of new items in recent years that cover any situation from the back country to the back 40. With innovative camo patterns such as fusion and cipher you'll disappear into the background.

Bow - G5 Prime: The PRIME CENTERGY is one smooth tack driver. I've had an on and off again relationship with these bows and I always end up coming back. There is something about the draw cycle of these bows that just "clicks" for me. Upgraded with an 82X aluminum riser and centered grip, the centergy is their best one yet.


Bow Site - Montana Black Gold: Unparalleled unassisted pin brightness, rock solid construction, and some of the best customer service around have made me a MBG shooter for a long time. I have done some very horrible things to these sights and have yet to break one or even knock it out of alignment.


Rest - Vaportrail Limbdriver Pro V: I've had a fondness for limb driven rests for awhile. This rest features ease of setup, reliability, and should an oops occur (like you slice the cord) all that is needed is a new piece of D-Loop cord and away you go.


Arrows - Victory VAP TKO Elite: Hammer time! Ive been shooting small diameter arrows for hunting for sometime now. I always found it to be a struggle between speed or weight and could never find that happy place in the middle. I prefer to shoot a heavier arrow but not so heavy that my trajectory suffers. My draw length is 27" so it can be tricky to find the perfect combination. That being said these things move at a good clip and hit like a freight train.


Broadhead - RAMCAT: With near field point accuracy and ridiculously sharp blades, these broadheads are quickly gaining popularity among hunters across the country. As a bonus they are made in Pennsylvania!


Treestand(s)- A Bunch: I have a collection of various makes. If I could set up a ladder stand at every site I would. Unfortunately I can't so here is a quick run down. If I want to get somewhere quickly without a lot of weight Lone Wolf. If I'm going to log hours in a stand and want comfort, Millenium.


Bag - Blacks Creek Remedy Frame: Bag is new to me this year but its built in the USA and seems to have the right combination of compartments and bulk storage. Stay tuned for a review!


Cameras - Radix Trail Cameras: Good things do come in small packages! These things are the size of a tri-fold wallet and feature 12mp pictures, 1080p video, and run on 4 AA batteries. At a price of under $160.00 they are a home run for folks looking for a premium camera without the premium price tag.












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